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Competitive Intelligence

We gather and analyze competitive intelligence to support corporate decisions.

Examples include:

  • Competitive strategy/wargaming workshops
  • Quarterly landscape assessments
  • Conference coverage
  • Primary competitive intelligence
  • Deep dive flash reports

Portfolio, Licensing and Development

We identify potential licensing and acquisition targets and pressure-test portfolio strategies.

Examples include:

  • Search for in-licensing candidates
  • Competitive scan of digital health solutions
  • Portfolio rationalization
  • Therapeutic area strategy
  • Biosimilar opportunity analysis

Market Access and Reimbursement

We evaluate access and reimbursement issues to inform drug development and commercial planning.

Examples include:

  • Payer research and advisory boards
  • Value proposition and materials
  • Innovative contracting
  • Budget impact models
  • Market access roadmap
  • Distribution strategy

Commercial & Digital Health Strategy

We conduct a variety of projects to support marketing and other commercial initiatives.

Examples include:

  • Digital health needs assessments & benchmarking
  • Patient journey and data analysis (claims, EMR, labs)
  • Physician segmentation and targeting
  • Product positioning and differentiation
  • Opportunity assessments
  • Epidemiology and treatment algorithm analysis
  • Global launch and brand plans

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